My Hair is GONE!!

June 27, 2017

i did it!!  I had Frank shave my head so that my scalp could get some tan before all my hair is gone.   We decided to cut Coen’s hair first and he was happy to stand still the entire time Frank was using the shaver.  This is a photo of the three of us just before my haircut began and you can see how long my hair was.


This photo is about when we were getting close to finishing  I kind of liked the Mohawk but I doubt I’ll ever have another one  then again, I never thought I’d ever have even one so maybe I’m ahead of the game!!



The very top photo is after we had finished.  The nurse said to leave some stubble so I don’t get any ‘ingrown’ hairs.  I guess that means I will still have my hair fall out but this will still be better than handfuls of it coming out.

I did put some photos and info on Facebook and I’ve had so many very nice and supportive replies.  That makes me feel really good to know so many people support me.

I have to say that I know I should proofread these posts but I find that very difficult to do.  I like this program, WordPress, that I am using except that I have to manually add the period at the end of sentences, but I am having a great deal of trouble doing that.  I’ve been spoiled by my iPad I suppose.  When I forget to put a period, that means the first word in the next sentence will not be capitalized.  I’m trying to put those periods, but I know I’m not doing a very good job of it.

Also, several people have not found the button to be able to “follow” me – I’ll try to find that and point it out.  I might update each time by making this appear on Facebook, but I will have to figure out my password for Facebook before I can make that happen!!

That’s it for now!

ps  I have not yet figured out how to add photos so I will continue to work on that.



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I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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