Today, it started.

July 10, 2017 Monday

Last night, I ate watermelon right before I went to bed.  I have this notion that all that liquid must be pretty good to flush out kidneys so I sometimes eat a good bit of watermelon.  Also, it tastes good!!  I did take an Aleve pm because I did want to be able to sleep after not sleeping well for several nights.  During the night, I did wake up several times and had to get to the bathroom, but I was able to easily get right back to sleep.  So it was actually a nice night.

I felt good when I got up and got ready to go to Ringgold for my sewing group, Dudettes.  While I was sewing with the girls, I did get the backing made for one quilt, the Thimbleberries one!!  Tomorrow it will get turned into the quilter and will be on the way to getting finished.  After finishing that backing I decided not to attempt the other backing I had planned to do.  I was feeling a little “funny” and decided not to push it.  We went to lunch and I had a very good grilled ham and cheese sandwich – they have such good ones there.  My stomach got a little funny feeling so I left early from Dudettes and went on home.

On the way home, I felt a sensation like something inside my veins – wiggles or ants or something.  Mostly, the sensation was in my scalp and my face but it has spread to my legs by now.  I spent the afternoon mostly relaxing and watching a little television. No naps, just nice relaxation time.

I have not yet felt bad, but this is definitely a very different feeling so I guess I now have evidence that the doctors did give me the chemo drugs (I really knew they had!) and that things are now starting to work toward getting rid of the cancer.  I’m all in favor of getting rid of the disease but I must say it’s sort of scary to actually face changes in my body.  I do realize how very, very lucky I am that we caught this as early as we did and that I have such good medical assistance in fighting it.

Tomorrow I plan to meet with the quilt lady friends who will be leaving and picking up quilts – I love to see all the beautiful creations.  Then I hope to have lunch at the new house of one of the ladies!!  I love to look at the insides of houses and see how they are decorated.  Then, if I still feel decent, I get to go to the pool again!!  I will be careful and use a waterproof bandaid, sunscreen, a hat and probably a shirt, but I hope I get to really enjoy moving around in the water.  I’ve done some simple leg lifts and indoor exercises today, but water exercise is always my favorite type of exercise.

Morning weight – 219.

Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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