Another wonderful day!!

July 15, 2017 Saturday

i did not sleep well last night but that’s because I am not at home in my own bed. I woke up ready to go play with grandkids and that’s just what I did.  I did have a little problem today but it’s not related to the chemo, I feel certain. Remember when I said I pulled weeds off the fence??  I had forgotten that back when I used to do chores like that, I would react to some plant and then I’d develope a very bad itch that would sometimes go to blisters before it went away. I now remember all about that cause I’m itching all over my hands, arms, neck, chin, cheeks and various other places. I don’t know what plant it is but I really should start wearing gloves any time I work with greenery. I hate this. Rachel gave me some pink anti-itch cream and lotion to put on the worst places, chin and cheeks, and it might have helped a little. I went to Kroger here in Roswell this afternoon and as I was walking in I remembered that I had not rinsed my face off!!  So in I go, pink streaks on my face and neck with my bald head and fairly grubby clothing!  But it was okay because I had on some nice dangly earrings!!!  What a sight!!  It seemed to me like a few more people than normal smiled at me and I smiled right back at them.  At least they’ll have someone interesting’ to discuss at dinner tonight and at work tomorrow!!  hahahahaha  Actually, I hope this stops pretty soon because it itches very badly, but I’m afraid it’s going to run its full course.  I may have to see about getting a shot for it early next week if it gets worse.

I do wonder about the fact that my chemo has not caused me more problems – I wonder if they gave me a strong enough dose!!  I don’t want to be sick and miserable, but I DO want the cancer killed.  Maybe I’ll call the oncologist’s office next week and ask if my wonderful reaction is typical.  I know that people all react differently, but still it’s almost like nothing is happening.  The inside of my mouth seems a little sensitive but that’s it!!  Maybe I’m just the luckiest person on earth!!  That’s probably it!!

Tomorrow will be another day of grandkids so life is sweet!!


Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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