The steroid boost is leaving!!

July 20, 2017 Thursday

I had a good night’s sleep and woke up ready to a nice, new day. My lab work at the oncologist was at 8:45 and then sewing with Blockheads at 10:00. The lab results showed my iron was good and my blood platelets were right where they are supposed to be. My white blood cell count was a little high which indicated I might have a little infection but she said the steroids may have affected that. She asked how I felt and since I feel great, she was not concerned. So all is well on that front. One more week until more chemo. Yay, I Think!!  Hahaha

I talked to the PA about being in the sun and she said my skin may burn faster and more intensely so I should wear 50 SPF sunscreen and I will increase from 30 to 50 tomorrow during the kids’ swim lessons. I’ve noticed my face has been getting redder and more tender than previously so I think she is correct. She said the chemo and the sun react to each other. I’ll behave (maybe)!!

I also asked all three doctor offices about the cancer insurance forms they are supposed to fill out and two of the offices have already faxed the info back to the company and the third one is working on it. Glad that is all getting done.

I had a great time sewing with the other Blockheads and I got lots done on the fabric I cut out last night. Got it all sewn into the blocks so I had a good day with only a few unsewing incidents here and there. The best part is seeing what everyone has been working on and Show and Tell was very good today. Lots to see.

I went home but stopped at Walmart to buy some new shorts. My others were falling down whenever I put anything in my pockets so I had to get a smaller size!!  Nice!!  Now I’m ready with new shorts!  Jeans are just so hot this time of the year!! Then I headed home, unpacked all the sewing stuff, and packed up the things I needed in Roswell.  After I cranked up the truck, I had to go back in and get my iPad from my sewing box!!  Can’t do without that!  Then I had to go back again to get my meds and toiletries bag!!  Gee willikers!!  Let’s blame it on the chemo brain, shall we??? Then I left but I had to stop by the dump to offload some stuff from my truck and the man was so nice to help me unload heavy stuff.  They are always so nice to me at the dump!

A nice 1 1/2 hour drive and I was in Roswell and then I noticed how tired I was!!  Sounds kinda strange to some people but sewing is hard work, at least to me it is. However, when you consider all the strenuous work I’ve done in the last four or five days and have not gotten tired at it, that tells me the effects of the steroids are wearing off. I sure am going to miss it. I think Frank and I may be trimming trees and hauling limbs around but I will not be nearly as helpful as I would have been just after that shot. So, as usual, Frank will be doing all the work and I’ll be standing (or sitting) around offering suggestions which he just loves to hear!!  Yeah, right!!

Tomorrow I get to attend the show Zoe’s class will put on after her week of dance and drama classes. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been shown how a duck walks and quacks, how a rainbow is shown and several different claps. She seems to have really enjoyed these classes and learned a lot. I also got to see Coen act like and sound like a frog!!  It’s always entertaining here, for sure. Then we have swim lessons in the afternoon. Gonna be a nice day.

Morning weight – 209.8  I finally broke the 210 barrier which means I’ve lost 40 pounds in the last 11 months or so. I think slow and steady changes will be the way for me to eat healthy for the rest of my life – at least that’s my goal.

Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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