A busy, busy day

August 14, 2017 Monday

I woke up about 6 and I felt like there was a knife sticking in my throat – I could barely swallow.  I got up and grabbed a cough drop and plonked it in my mouth.  That helped after a few minutes and I was able to go back to sleep.  I woke up again about 7:30 and the knife was back.  I got up, dressed, breakfasted and feasted on another cough drop.  I gathered up my sewing materials for Dudettes and left the house.

I had left a message for the phone nurse at the oncologist’s office but I had not yet heard back from her so that was my first stop.  I explained my problem to the receptionist but she could barely understand me since my voice was so scratchy and horrible.  I realized that I was around people who should not be around sick people (like me) and asked the receptionist about it but she just said to take a seat.  They soon called in two chemo patients and then I was called into a small semi-private area, but not a room.  I met with the phone nurse, who said she was pulling my chart when she was told that I was here, and then she got a PA or a nurse.  I again explained my symptoms and answered lots of questions.  They decided I should go to my regular doctor because they did not think it was chemo related.

So I left and called my regular doctor office for an appointment this morning.  I could not see my regular doctor but I could see another doctor at 10:15 so I said that was fine.  I got there early and they showed me right in. After explaining everything again, the doctor came in and actually examined me.  He said that in chemo patients, sometimes pneumonia presents in abnormal ways so that I should get a chest x-ray to sure that was not my problem.  So, I had a chest x-ray and it was clear.  The doctor then said I had bronchitis and that I needed a steroid shot and antibiotics.  He also gave me a high powered type of cream for that heat rash that just won’t go away.  He said it might have become a type of yeast infection!!  Don’t want that! So I got my shot and started for Ringgold to sew.

I got there and it was almost lunch time.  I did get to see lots of beautiful applique some of the ladies are doing and some hand quilting of a hand appliqued quilt!  I was most impressed.  So we went to lunch and I had a hamburger and tater tots.  Great deal to watch my diet on, right??  Then we returned to our sewing venue and I almost got to finish putting together a quilt.  I made lots of progress.  By this time I was not feeling very good, but I was not feeling terrible either.

I returned to Dalton, went to Kroger for my medicines the doctor had prescribed and headed home.  I met with the disposal repairman, who pushed the RESET button on the disposal to fix it.  He only charged my $75, not the $105 he was really supposed to charge me!!!  Gee willikers!!!   Then I met with the tree man who is going to cut some dead/dying trees in my yard and grind up several tree stumps – if the weather will get dry enough that his truck does not get stuck!!  There goes a bunch more money, but it does need to be done.

Then I was able to get back to sewing and finish that quilt from Dudettes.  Then I was able to finish that very difficult block I started a couple days ago, except for the buttonhole stitching (that will take hours) and then cutting the entire block down to the correct size.


Then I started prepping another applique block that I will start next time I sit down to sew.  That will not happen until at least Thursday and maybe not even then, depending on how I feel after that third chemo treatment.  (Can you tell the steroid shot took effect cause I was work, work, working again and feeling better?  I also had several hot flashes!)

So now it’s late, after midnight, and I feel nicely hyped up and not sleepy at all.  I have had several coughing attacks tonight that really hurt my throat, but they eventually stopped.  I hope they stay stopped.  I will use the cream and the antibiotics tonight and for as long as needed.  I do plan to drive down to Roswell in the morning, if I feel up to it, and then return to Dalton Wednesday evening to get ready for chemo on Thursday morning.  Can’t miss that!!!!

Morning weight – 216.2



Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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