The third chemo day

August 17, 2017 Thursday

I slept fairly well last night and only had to get up a couple of times due to sore throat and coughing.  But when I got up, I had no more sore throat and it hasn’t bothered me since!!  I have been coughing pretty badly but that is also better than it has been so that’s good.  I’m getting over that cough, thank goodness.

Sue picked me up and took me to chemo and we chose a new spot at the end of the room.

image2   image3

We got all set up and the nurses soon started the process.

image1  These are the needles they START with!!

I did not see the doctor at all today but that was okay since I didn’t have much of anything to talk to her about.  The needle hurt some going into the port and then the medicine stung as it first entered – first time for that to happen but it ended soon.  They gave me the regular drugs and things went well.  I didn’t even fall asleep – I just read and relaxed.  There was the regular talking with the other patients and nurses.  One man finished his chemo today and they took his photo.  He was happy to be done.  He and another man sitting nearby have the exact same problem – a tumor at the base of their tongues.  They are both having lots of chemo and radiation on the same days.  One of the men was in obvious discomfort from his earlier radiation treatment – he looked miserable.

After chemo, Sue took me to Ringgold to see the Blockhead sewing group and we got to talk to the girls and look at their show and tell.  They do such great quilt tops and they were working hard.  Then Sue and I went to Richards and had a nice lunch. Then we stopped at Brown’s produce and bought some good veggies and eggs.  We soon arrived back in Dalton and we were both glad to be back.  After a while Sue left and I piddled around a while before going to Hobby Lobby where I bought supplies to repair a backpack and some more wonder Under for the applique quilt I’ve been working on.  When I got back home, I prepped for some of the last blocks on the quilt, but I expect I will not get a whole lot done on it tomorrow or the weekend, but maybe.

I am now tired.  I did not take a nap today and even though I didn’t do much labor or anything, I am bone weary tired.  Perhaps it’s the chemo, perhaps I didn’t sleep as well as I thought last night, but even my steroids are not keeping me awake.  Of course, when I go take two more steroid pills before my shower, they may wake me up – hope not.

By the way, I thought it was really ironic that my regular insurance called me trying me to get a mammogram because they are the best tool to find breast cancer early.  I agreed with the lady and explained all about my mammogram finding my cancer.  She was taken aback and quickly updated my file!!  I think she was a little embarrassed.

Morning weight – 215.4  Bet I’ll weigh a lot more tomorrow with all the fluids they put in me today.

Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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