A better day

September 1, 2017 Friday

For the first time in three weeks, I woke up this morning and did not need to cough – for about one minute and then I needed to cough.  It was nice while it lasted.  Once I started coughing, the same old pattern started up again with the pain in my side and coughing up stuff.  For the rest of the day that pattern continued, but at least I was coughing less often.  I am very hopeful that I will cough even less tomorrow!!!  Wouldn’t that be nice.  I still sound froggy, but that’s okay.

I generally felt a little better today in that I had a little more energy – I actually cut about 10 large squares for a future quilt I plan to start some time soon, but that’s about it.  I did take a nap, a fairly long one I think, but I am pampering myself and letting my body determine what I do.

My digestive system is a little messed up but that’s been pretty typical since chemo began.  My taste buds are also a little messed up but that has also become pretty typical. Other than those two items, today was a pretty good day.

I did enjoy the wind from Harvey and the cooler air.  I suppose fall temps will be nice for a while, but I sure will miss summer.

Morning weight – 218

Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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