A busy day

September 8, 2017 Friday

I slept well last night and that was a good thing.  I woke up ready for a nice day.  I was out of normal breakfast food so I fixed two hot dogs and had them for breakfast – they did not taste good.  Nothing tasted good, not even the peach I ate after the hot dogs.  It felt like a film was in my mouth and I wanted nothing else to eat for a while.

I made a list of non perishable items I could get to prepare for possible power outage if Irma gets her, even as a tropical depression.  I think watching all the Harvey footage has scared me and I wanted to be prepared and now I am.  I even cleaned some shelves and the fridge to hold the food I bought and those areas look better than they have in a while.  I guess the steroids were giving me all that energy.

I then went and got my last Neulasta shot – I always enjoy going to the Infusion Center – the nurses there are just really nice.  Then I went to the Oakwood with some friends and had a nice supper.  Evidently I was hungry since I had no lunch.  Luckily supper tasted good and I got to craving some coconut pie.  I stopped by a pizza place that always has good desserts and got a piece of German Chocolate cheesecake with coconut in it.  I ate it all as soon as I got home and it tasted good.  I am now very full!!!!

Now that I am prepared for the storm, I expect to hear that it will miss our area entirely!!  I may get my car washed tomorrow and that should seal that deal for sure!!

I’ve felt good today except for my digestive system, starting in my mouth and going the rest of the way down!!!!  No nausea, but lots of unsettled feelings in my stomach.  Then the usual diarrhea, which was pretty bad today.  I did have energy but that’s been gone since after supper.  I will take my last steroid pills tonight so I may have energy tomorrow but that will probably be the last of it.  I hope to make use of it and cut some more quilt squares to make into a memory quilt.

Morning weight – 218 That’s much less than I thought I would weigh, but the weight may be there tomorrow.  I can never tell.

Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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