A so so day

September 9, 2017 Saturday

I slept well and woke up feeling pretty good.  I had to have some repair work done on a running toilet this morning – with the diarrhea, I have to have my toilets in great shape.  Looks like the handyman will be doing some more work soon that I’ve been wanting done too.

I had a good breakfast and then tackled sorting the Christmas gifts that have arrived.  I took them out of that hard plastic to make Christmas morning easier.  None are wrapped yet, but that will happen soon.  I then ran some errands and was feeling good.

I came home and had a pork chop with black eyed peas and it was fine.  Then I started cutting some squares and did a little sewing and that went well.  I got about half done to finish a small quilt – maybe tomorrow I can get the rest cut and ready to sew with the Dudettes on Monday, if the weather allows.

Then things went downhill somewhat.  I fixed a salad and ate most of that while a steak cooked, but I could not eat the steak.  It tasted terrible, but I don’t think it was the steak, but my taste buds.  Now I feel pretty bad.  I had taken a Motrin earlier to help with my back pain and maybe that had an impact.  I have been dozing off and on, but will soon get to bed.

I have been watching some home improvement shows but also a lot of the weather coverage of the hurricane Irma.  I can’t imagine how there are people still on the Keys who expect to survive, but I certainly hope they do.  It seems that my Florida family members who stayed are all prepared and the ones that left are in the best situation.  I think we will get winds and rains on Monday and Tuesday but don’t really expect any real problems.

I have had diarrhea issues today and I think my energy is leaving, but I am still having some hot flashes so maybe the steroids are not all gone quite yet. I think my entire digestive system from my mouth onward has been impacted this time with the chemo, perhaps a little more than previously, though I don’t have any mouth sores or pain.

Morning weight – 218.2  I’m still surprised my weight is not in the 220’s but I’m glad.

Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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