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September 22, 2017 Friday

I was soooo sleepy last night about 7:00 but by the time I got to bed, I was no longer sleepy!!!  I finally almost drifted off to sleep when I started hearing the wheeze in my throat, so I got up and took a small sip of NyQuil.  Then I went to sleep.  I kept waking up hot – I just keep having hot flashes – but I’d go back to sleep quite soon.  I think I probably woke up about 7 to 10 times.  Really.

I was at my regular doctor’s office before 11 and there were at least 7 people in her waiting room!! I’ve never seen more than about 3 in there before today.  Considering there are many doctors in the practice, for one to have that many patients is unusual.  She said most of them are related to ragweed problems and I can understand that.

I told her about my 6 weeks of coughing and that I need to be cleared for surgery and she said she thought that infection was gone.  So good, surgery will probably happen.  Then she surprised me and said she thought I had thrush!!!   She said that chemo and steroids often cause thrush but that it often does not show up like thrush in children shows up.  She prescribed me a liquid swish and swallow medicine and I’ll start that tonight.  We discussed my back problem and she manipulated my legs and back and she said I should have a steroid shot (oh goody!!) and a shot of toredal for pain, so that’s what we did.

By the time I got to Kroger to pick up the prescription, I felt like my back was better, at least a little.  They had so many meds to prepare that mine would not be ready for a couple of hours, so I bought a few things I needed and went home.  All I did at home was rest in my chair and watch tv and read a little.  It was a nice easy time.

Later I met some girls at Bob’s Burgers and we had some pretty good hamburgers.  Many of us had onion rings which they enjoyed a lot.  We sat and talked a long time and that was fun too.

The I went back to Kroger to get my meds.  I asked to speak to the pharmacist and she was so friendly and helpful and answered all my questions without seeming at all rushed.  Those of you who know me, know that I like to ask questions and I did today.

The surgery center would not allow me to take Aleve PM within three days of surgery so I asked the doctor and the pharmacist about that and they agreed with the surgery center.  That didn’t sound good to me, that Aleve PM is acting like a blook thinner, so I will be taking Tylenol PM instead.  Then again, with the heart problems in my family, maybe I should be taking a blood thinning medicine.  Maybe I’ll alternate them, after surgery, until I meet the doctor again in November.  Just hope I remember to ask her about them.  I did forget to ask for a flu shot while there today.  Gotta get that done soon.

Then I asked the pharmacist about my good and bad gut bugs getting killed by chemo and she said they were dead, for sure.  She suggested I should take the same probiotics that she takes every day and so I bought some.  I doubt I’ll take them every day but I probably will take them daily for at least a week or so.  Hopefully this will help stop the diarrhea which has been fairly bad today.

After Kroger, I came home again and just watch tv and read.  So, I feel like I have done a good job of relaxing today.  My back is definitely feeling better but I have had several really intense hot flashes since I got back home – I just felt like I was going to melt into a big puddle!!!!!  I hope I’m not one of those people who continue having hot flashes even after the chemo is done.  Even if I am though, it’ll have been worth it.

I’m considering mowing my yard tomorrow because it needs it.  I will drive my riding mower really slowly if I do and since my yard is not huge, it should be okay.  Maybe I’ll just mow the front yard.  We shall see.

Morning weight – 220.2  I’ve not been eating correctly and I intend to change that.  I ate better today than I had been.

Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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