A fun day

September 30, 2017 Saturday

It was an interesting night in mine and Zoe’s room last night.  She kept waking up because of her stopped up nose and then she would crawl into bed with me.  I’d have to get up and change beds in a little while because she is such a heater and makes me too warm to sleep.  Then she’d wake up and want into my new bed.  We changed beds several times during the night – it was the only time we’ve ever done that!!  Overall, I had a good night’s sleep and we didn’t get up til 8:30 which is really late for us!

I had a nice day with the kids – I love playing with them and watching them play.  It wears me out but it’s always interesting. Today was an inside day – we didn’t go outside much at all.  It was just a really nice day.  After Frank got home, I gave him a haircut – always an interesting and challenging experience.  Then he gave Coen a haircut – Coen has always stayed really still while Frank cuts his hair with the clippers and has never been afraid of the clippers.  Today he kept saying that it tickled and he laughed as he got his haircut.  Then we had dinner and I left to return to Dalton.

It was a nice fast drive back home and now that I’m home, I’m tired.  I forgot about writing the blog until I had started my shower!!  I had to do my first of three showers with the surgery soap and that was a strange experience.  I had to do a regular shower with regular soap and shampoo and then use the surgery soap from my neck down and let it sit on me for three minutes before rinsing it off.  That is strange, slippery thin liquid soap.  I suppose that as long as it does its job of killing bacteria, it’ll be worth it.

Then I came back to my computer to do the blog.  And I’m having a hot flash.  I haven’t had near as many lately and that’s been nice.  The diarrhea has been a little less intense today and that’s always good.  My hair and nails are continuing to grow so that’s good.  Things are definitely looking up.

Tomorrow I will spend time getting ready for the day of surgery on Monday and getting groceries so that I can stay fairly home bound for several days if I need to take the pain pills and not drive anywhere.  It’s going to be an interesting experience!!

Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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