Two days, not one

Sunday, Oct 8 and Monday, October 9, 2017

I forgot all about writing the blog last night – I didn’t even think about it until someone fussed at me for it!!  Actually, a few people missed it and were concerned about why I didn’t write it.  Sorry about that, I just plain forgot.  I also forgot to take the trashcan out to the street, but I remembered that after I got in bed, so I went and took it out!!

I had a nice day yesterday and even did some sewing.  I sewed about all day long and finished a fairly small quilt.  That was the first time I’ve sewed in several weeks. This quilt is a memory quilt made from a friend’s dad’s shirts.


You’ve have thought that I’d have been really tired, maybe that’s why I forgot things last night, but I couldn’t go to sleep until after 3:00 am. I just remembered what else happened yesterday – Hurricane Nate went through here.  I really enjoyed the wind and rain all day long, so much that I had opened up the sliding door to the outside so I could hear and see the weather even better.  I kept worrying that either a squirrel or a bird would come into the house through the open door because they were very active in the back yard.  Guess they were enjoying the wet weather also.  Late in the evening, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye on the living room wall.  It was a tree frog!!!!  First thing I did was to take a photo of course and they try to catch it.  It took me several tries and I just couldn’t stand the feeling of the frog on my hands, so I finally caught him in a basket and then put him outside.  That was fun!!  He was cute.  Later I went to take my shower and found another frog in my master bathroom.  I quickly caught him in a box and put him outside.  He was not cute!!  Yuck.  I have not yet found any other critters and I hope I don’t.


Even though I went to sleep later, I had a horrible night trying to sleep.  I kept being so hot even though the ac was set low and I had a fan on.  It was such a bad night that I was glad to get up fairly early this morning.  That’s a switch!  I had a nice breakfast of eggs and then started another memory quilt for another friend.  I was able to finish this one tonight. It’s a good thing I finished both quilts because I can give them to the quilt lady tomorrow!!


I have felt quite good all day long today until after dinner with the girls tonight.  After I got home, I had diarrhea.  It was terrible and painful.  I am SO tired of that (and I expect you are tired of reading about it!) but I expect I am going to have to alter my eating patterns – maybe that would help.  Maybe if I only ate a little at a time I may be able to avoid the diarrhea.  It only seems to happen in the evening and lately it’s only happened after I ate out at a restaurant.  If you know what might be causing this, send me an email and let me know!!!!  I have been taking a probiotic each morning.  I wonder if that might be causing the problem – I doubt it but it’s worth thinking about some.

By the way, my hair is really growing.  I have a severe resemblance to a minion – a few hairs on my head.  If the sun is shining behind me, my hairs really show up – looks like a halo!!  Soon, I will be a real cotton-top – all this white hair that’s coming in.  I’ll include a photo when it is a little longer.  I am definitely ready for my eye brows to grow back in – they look pretty strange.

I have been having lots of back pain.  It’s different to the pain I had a few weeks ago but it really hurts when I get tired.  Think I’ll get that checked out in a few weeks.

Morning weight – it’s been hovering about 220-221.

Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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