A fun week

October 20, 2017 Friday

It has been about a week since I last wrote in this blog, but there have been a few little changes so I thought I’d write about them. Nothing bad has happened which is very good news for me.

One of the changes has been how my fingernails have changed. I know many people who go through chemo have their nails turn black and mine have not done that, at least not yet. My nails have several half moons that have shown up and radiated out from the cuticle. I kind of expect there to be four of them before it’s over – one for each chemo treatment, I think. Here’s a photo of how my nails look now. They might even Turn black at some point but I sure hope not.

Another change has to do with that durn diarrhea that has plagued me so badly during and after chemo!!  It has STOPPED!!!  Hooray. I guess getting the chemo out of my system and taking probiotics has helped. It sure is nice to no longer be bothered with that.

The other somewhat major change is that my hair has really started to grow!!  People keep telling me that my hair is getting much longer which is really funny considering how very, very short it still is!!!  But it is much longer than it was!  Problem is that I don’t have nearly as many hairs as I used to have but I’m hoping that within a few months or years, it will be back to how it used to be.  I know many times, the hair comes back quite different than how it used to be but mine is still too short to really tell. Some people think it may be more areas of just white than it was before chemo. Time will tell.  I’ve tried to get a decent photo of the hair but it is quite difficult to do.  The top of my head is (funnily) quite shiny!!

Those are the only changes I can think of right now except for my weight!  Right now I’m in the midst of spending a week at the beach in Destin with some of my travel buddies. Let’s just say I’ve really enjoyed lots of good food, coconut ice cream and coconut donuts. If you’ve never eaten at the Donut Hole, you need to try it. For sure.

The worst thing about being at the beach is missing Zoë and Coen. However, Rachel does send me photos of them and that’s always good news.

We will be driving back to Dalton on Monday, then I will see the oncologist on Wednesday for a regular checkup, and then I get to meet the radiation oncologist on Friday. I suppose then I’ll find out for sure how many radiation treatments I’ll have, when they start and what time of day they will occur. Should be interesting.

Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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