An interesting day

September 29, 2017 Friday

I woke up nice and rested again this morning and had a nice breakfast. Then I headed to the hospital to do my pre-surgery testing. I ended up filling out a bunch of paperwork, have two chest x-rays, giving blood, having an EKG and answering tons of questions about myself and my history. I’m supposed to report to the hospital Monday morning at 11 for surgery at 1 and plan on leaving about 4 or 5 that afternoon. Gonna be a long day. I also have to shower with anti-bacterial surgery soap for three showers before surgery on Saturday night, Sunday night and Monday morning – I’ve never heard of that before but if it prevents problems, I’ll be glad to do it.

After leaving the hospital, I went and did kitty duty again and got in more play time with the kitty. Cute kitty cat!!  Then I had lunch, at Brusters!!!!  Then I headed home. I cooked that turkey breast I had gotten earlier and it was really good. Leftovers will be good too, I bet.

After that I piddled around by cleaning up a little bit and figuring out my bills for the month. Since pay day is coming up, that was an important task to get done. Then I decided I’d go to Roswell for a couple days since I won’t be able to go next week. I had a nice drive along with millions of other drivers – at least it seemed like millions!!

I had some diarrhea today but not too much. Otherwise I felt quite good.  I kept thinking I’d do some sewing but I just never quite got around to it. Maybe next week sometime. Maybe.

Morning weight – 218.2

A busy day, sort of

September 28, 2017 Thursday

I woke up nicely rested this morning.  I was right not to take a nap yesterday because a good night’s sleep is a wonderful thing!!  I had a good breakfast and then went to get my mammogram.  I couldn’t get redressed until after the doctor looked at the mammogram to make sure it was alright.  I asked about the tumor shrinking and the lady said the tumor was very small or maybe they were seeing scar tissue from the first chip that was placed.  In other words, sounds like the tumor was not easily found and I take that as good news.

I stopped on the way home and walked for about 20 minutes in Lowe’s and got really tired doing that.  I did not slow down to look at anything, just walked.  Don’t get the idea that I was walking really fast or anything, but I did walk continuously.  Then I went to Kroger for a few things.  Looks like the best peaches are out of season, but that’s to be expected.

I had a nice lunch and then started looking for some photos on my laptop from our trip to Belgium a few years ago. I spent a lot of time looking for those photos and actually got my laptop documents and photos and trip folders all nicely organized before I finally found those photos on a thumb drive.  I am now putting them on the computer – we sure do take a lot of photos on our trips, for sure.

I had to stop looking for those photos because I had other errands to run in the afternoon.  First I called my insurance company to ask about a bill from the oncologist office.  I had thought I was done paying my out of pocket money, but after talking to a couple of insurance ladies and actually visiting the business lady at the oncologist, I guess I do still owe another $121.  It’s not that much when I consider all that they are paying and that I’m not paying!!!  I did get labs done today and my numbers were a little high, but no one is concerned about that, certainly not me.

Then I went to a friend’s house to care for her cat while she is on a trip – I am not a cat person but it was kinda fun to sit there a while and play with a cat and a fish on a string! Then I headed home for more computer play time!!  My yard working fella worked at removing some concrete stones from around garden beds today – my yard is getting simpler and simpler all the time and that is definitely a good thing!!  I have also spent a little time watching the Flip or Flop Atlanta and I really enjoy that show – it’s amazing the changes they can make but it’s also amazing how much money they spend making those changes.

I’ve felt quite good today and had very little diarrhea – that was nice!!  I am also enjoying my now short fingernails.  Watch out toenails because you are next.  I am quite tired and my legs are a little sore.  Even though I found that 20 minutes of walking to be quite boring, I suppose I should do that somewhat often.  Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow – maybe.  I do have to be at the hospital at 10 for the pre-surgery testing and I’m sure that will be very interesting – yeah right.  Other than that and playing with a cat, I have a lazy day planned.  I did buy a nice turkey breast so I plan to cook that tomorrow when I get home.  Yum.

Morning weight – 217.2


A tired day

September 27, 2017 Wednesday

I slept fairly well last night.  It was kind of funny, but at the last minute I decided to rearrange Zoe’s room.  Rachel said I could and Frank helped by moving her bunk beds, but I did some of the work myself.  I was so tired by the time I finished that I couldn’t even get up out of the bed to turn the ceiling fan to a higher speed.  I think I was asleep about 6 seconds after thinking of getting up to turn up the fan.  Boy, did I sleep.

Then I heard this little voice saying “Bobo?” as Coen opened the door and sleep was gone!!  He woke me and Zoe up, he’s so sweet even then, and he played until we got up – just a few minutes later.  Then we all got dressed, fed and away we went to school.  This time, Zoe and I left Coen there and headed back home.  Sure enough, Zoe did what she had said she was going to do and changed back into her gown and pajama bottoms – that girl knows how to be comfortable!!!!

I did a little work today – finished cleaning some of the beer making equipment which was not all that taxing but I just don’t seem to have ANY strength or stamina these days.  Then I did a little more work on rearranging Zoe’s room again because I figured out a better way to do it.  It is better now and thankfully the bunk beds did not need to move – everything else did, but that’s okay.  After doing that, I had to just stretch out on one of the beds for a while and during that time, Zoe came up to play with her doll house.  She loves that doll house and the dolls that go with it.  I had never made a doll dress and crown for a doll from playdoh before today but now I know how to do it!!!  Amazing what you can do when you need to do something new.

About mid-afternoon, if was time for me to go back to Dalton.  I hated to leave, but I needed to get home.  I was worn out and it was either take a nap or leave.  I know that naps interfere with my night time sleeping so I am trying not to take any of those.  So I left.  I did stop at Chic Fil A and get two lemonades for the ride home – I was thirsty!!!  I drank them both before I made it back to Dalton.  I expect they had lots of sugar but oh well.

As I drove, I kept fiddling with my fingernails – they have been bothering me lately.  I finally figured out why.  They have grown, a lot, and need cutting!  I have not had to cut all my nails since June when the chemo started but evidently they have really started to grow again.  Speaking of growing, my leg hair is also growing.  At first, it was white or blondish but it has begun to turn dark.  I was just going to let it grow if it was unnoticeable, even against orders from some friends to shave it regardless, but if it’s going to be dark, maybe I’ll shave it off.  Next spring!!!!!   hahahaha  Kind of wish my eyebrows would start to grow back soon.  The hair on top of my head is getting quite long, relatively speaking.  Of course, it’s sticking straight up so that makes it quite interesting looking.  We shall see how that goes in the next few weeks.  All the hair I can see is white, but it mostly was before I shave it off.  I’d like it to be pure white when it comes back, but don’t have a say in that so we shall just have to wait and see how that goes.

I haven’t had much diarrhea today and that’s been nice.  I have had some hot flashes but I’m about to get used to those.  Maybe things are looking up.

A productive day

September 26, 2017 Tuesday

I slept well and then Coen came and woke us up about 7:15 so there was no going back to sleep. He and I and Zoë all got up, dressed, fed and then away we went to school. We were a little bit early so I got to watch some of Zoe’s classmates for a few minutes – always an interesting experience. Kids that age are just pretty amazing. After hugs and kisses, Coen and I left Zoë at school and we went to Home Depot to get tubing for Frank. Coen got to pet a cute little poodle in the store and we looked at lots of interesting Halloween decorations – they sure are expensive!!

Back at home, Coen and I played and watched videos on my iPad for a while. Then we read books and he played with his trucks and all.  It was a nice morning. Later, Coen and I went to get Zoë from school and stopped at chi fil a to get lunch for everyone.   After a nice lunch, Frank made a keg of root beer. It tasted pretty good but it wasn’t real sweet which was good for me. It’s now stored in the freezer/fridge for later consumption.

Then we began the big project of the day, brewing a carboy of Ace of Spades black IPA. This is the second time we have brewed and things went a tad smoother this time than last time.  I’m not a beer drinker, but it’s an interesting procedure. That took the rest of the day. In fact we are not done but close to finishing.

I’ve  had my usual diarrhea but it may have beeen a little less intense today. Other than that and my back hurting, it’s been a really nice day.

I did find out that the location of my surgery has changed from the ambulatory surgery center to the hospital because they have some machine that the surgery center does not have.  It’s still scheduled for Monday, but I won’t know what time it isn’t til Friday after my presurgery meetings and tests.

A busy day

September 25, 2017 Monday

I slept fairly well last night but I kept waking up and then going back to sleep but I kept dreaming the same dream and the dream kept evolving. It was really strange. I have changed from Aleve pm to Tylenol pm. I wonder if that is at least part of the reason?

I got up and was able to take Coen to school. I love taking the kids to school. I get that one on one time in the car talking to them that I enjoy so much. Then I went to Kroger, got a few things and got my flu shot. Glad to have that done. I did not have any reactions to it today and I hope I don’t have any tomorrow.

During the day, I got to play with Zoë and I worked in the shop a little bit with Frank. I even got to operate some machinery – that’s always interesting. At one point, we all went over to visit Rachel’s parents. That’s always fun To do – they are such nice people.  It’s also fun to watch Zoë and Coen interact with them. Renee, Rachel’s mom, made a cake for Frank’s birthday and sent it home with us!!!  My slice was delicious!! Yum, yum, yum!!

We then came back home and worked in the shop some more and played with the kids. Then it was bedtime for the kids. That’s a fairly long process especially since I get to put Zoë to bed since we share a room. I get to go to bed early when I visit.  We didn’t finish the last Mercy the pig book but we will tomorrow night.  That pig sure does get into a lot of trouble!!! I’m glad I was very active today and I’m worn out.  I know all the activity is good for me and makes me stronger but it wears me out too!!

I felt pretty good today though I did have my usual diarrhea.  I have been taking my thrush medicine four times a day. That stuff is not the best nor the worst tasting stuff I’ve ever had but yuck!!  My back has bothered me today but I hope that by just being careful and sitting when I really need to do so, that it will get stronger by being used.

I have no way of weighing while I’m in Roswell so we will all just have to wait a few days to find out my weight. I know you are all on pins and needles to find out about that!!  Hahaha

I’m typing this on my ipad instead of my computer but I’m trying to catch my mistakes but I bet I’ve missed more than usual.  Sorry about that.

Six more days til surgery, I hope.

A short day

September 24, 2017 Sunday

I went to sleep about midnight or so and didn’t wake up until after 10:30!!! I must have been tired. Then I got up and had a good breakfast, did a little sewing, a little television watching and it was time to meet the girls at Cracker Barrel for an early dinner. Yes Judy, Phyllis has been at all those dinners I’ve been at recently!! I just hate to miss the ones in the next two days but I’ll be in Roswell. We do enjoy eating out and getting together !!

After Cracker Barrel, I drove on down to Roswell to spend time with the family. I got to play with the kids a little and then it was their bedtime. There will be lots of time to play more in the next few days and I really plan to do that. I’ll be Gentle with my back but maybe all the activity here will be good for me.

The only side effect I had today was the usual diarrhea. I can’t tell that the probiotics are doing any good yet so maybe the chemo is still killing them. Maybe it just takes some time.

Morning weight – 219.2

A relaxed day

September 23, 2017 Saturday

I could not go to sleep last night, even with NyQuil, until after 4:00!!!  That steroid shot did its thing and really kept me awake and HOT!!!!  I got a phone call at 9:30 and that woke me up.  I should sleep well tonight since I have worked hard not to have a nap today.

I had a good breakfast and then did a little housework, a very little!!!  I had chicken and rice for lunch and dinner – sure was good.  I did do a little shopping at Hobby Lobby and then did a very little bit of measuring and sewing but I did do some.  Then Sue texted that it was sprinkling at her house so I went out to start mowing the yard before it rained at my house.  It never did rain at my house but it looked like it could have.  My yard is so dusty so I used my shirt over my nose to try to keep out a lot of the dust as I mowed.  I did mow very slowly and did my best not to aggravate my back problem, but there were a few times that were very “jerky” so my back is not as happy as it was.

After mowing, I mostly rested the rest of the day and did some reading.  My back is not actually causing me pain, but it feels like something is in the wrong place.  Hope it feels better tomorrow.  It probably will.  I did start taking the probiotic this morning so I’m hopeful my diarrhea will get finished.  I read the box and the probiotic is made of living cells or something, so if there is still chemo in me, I suppose those probiotic cells may not live.  Surely within a week or so, the chemo will all be gone.  I also have done the thrush medicine with the swish, gargle, and swallow method three times today so I have one more time tonight to do it.  That medicine does not taste very good, but then again it’s not too terrible.

Tomorrow I hope to do some sewing, go to dinner with some friends and then drive to Roswell for a few days.  Missing those kids today, though I did get to see and talk to them and Rachel today using the Duo app on our phones.  That works really well and I enjoyed that a great deal.

Morning weight – 220   I did eat better today, probably too much, but at least it was all good food.

Doctor results

September 22, 2017 Friday

I was soooo sleepy last night about 7:00 but by the time I got to bed, I was no longer sleepy!!!  I finally almost drifted off to sleep when I started hearing the wheeze in my throat, so I got up and took a small sip of NyQuil.  Then I went to sleep.  I kept waking up hot – I just keep having hot flashes – but I’d go back to sleep quite soon.  I think I probably woke up about 7 to 10 times.  Really.

I was at my regular doctor’s office before 11 and there were at least 7 people in her waiting room!! I’ve never seen more than about 3 in there before today.  Considering there are many doctors in the practice, for one to have that many patients is unusual.  She said most of them are related to ragweed problems and I can understand that.

I told her about my 6 weeks of coughing and that I need to be cleared for surgery and she said she thought that infection was gone.  So good, surgery will probably happen.  Then she surprised me and said she thought I had thrush!!!   She said that chemo and steroids often cause thrush but that it often does not show up like thrush in children shows up.  She prescribed me a liquid swish and swallow medicine and I’ll start that tonight.  We discussed my back problem and she manipulated my legs and back and she said I should have a steroid shot (oh goody!!) and a shot of toredal for pain, so that’s what we did.

By the time I got to Kroger to pick up the prescription, I felt like my back was better, at least a little.  They had so many meds to prepare that mine would not be ready for a couple of hours, so I bought a few things I needed and went home.  All I did at home was rest in my chair and watch tv and read a little.  It was a nice easy time.

Later I met some girls at Bob’s Burgers and we had some pretty good hamburgers.  Many of us had onion rings which they enjoyed a lot.  We sat and talked a long time and that was fun too.

The I went back to Kroger to get my meds.  I asked to speak to the pharmacist and she was so friendly and helpful and answered all my questions without seeming at all rushed.  Those of you who know me, know that I like to ask questions and I did today.

The surgery center would not allow me to take Aleve PM within three days of surgery so I asked the doctor and the pharmacist about that and they agreed with the surgery center.  That didn’t sound good to me, that Aleve PM is acting like a blook thinner, so I will be taking Tylenol PM instead.  Then again, with the heart problems in my family, maybe I should be taking a blood thinning medicine.  Maybe I’ll alternate them, after surgery, until I meet the doctor again in November.  Just hope I remember to ask her about them.  I did forget to ask for a flu shot while there today.  Gotta get that done soon.

Then I asked the pharmacist about my good and bad gut bugs getting killed by chemo and she said they were dead, for sure.  She suggested I should take the same probiotics that she takes every day and so I bought some.  I doubt I’ll take them every day but I probably will take them daily for at least a week or so.  Hopefully this will help stop the diarrhea which has been fairly bad today.

After Kroger, I came home again and just watch tv and read.  So, I feel like I have done a good job of relaxing today.  My back is definitely feeling better but I have had several really intense hot flashes since I got back home – I just felt like I was going to melt into a big puddle!!!!!  I hope I’m not one of those people who continue having hot flashes even after the chemo is done.  Even if I am though, it’ll have been worth it.

I’m considering mowing my yard tomorrow because it needs it.  I will drive my riding mower really slowly if I do and since my yard is not huge, it should be okay.  Maybe I’ll just mow the front yard.  We shall see.

Morning weight – 220.2  I’ve not been eating correctly and I intend to change that.  I ate better today than I had been.

A tiring day

September 21, 2017 Thursday

I woke up this morning after having some very tiring dreams involving moving plants in a greenhouse?!?!?!?!?!  I got to thinking about it and I think I did not have many, if any, dreams during chemo and certainly none while I was taking NyQuil for my coughing, but I have had quite a few dreams in the past few nights since I quit taking NyQuil.  Just thought I’d mention that.

My back did not hurt when I got up but by the time I was dressed and getting ready to leave for Blockheads, the pain was back.  The pain has gotten worse as the day has moved on and the more I move, the worse it is.  I have taken some Motrin during the day and that may have helped some.

I appreciated the girls carrying all my stuff into Martha’s house and then carrying it back out to the truck at the end of my time there.  I really enjoyed our time together, looking at each other’s quilts, looking at other quilts we might like to make, talking, laughing and having a wonderful  lunch that we all contributed to creating.  It was a really nice day.

I went to lab after Blockheads and my numbers were a little high but the nurse said they had noticed that my numbers are high one week and then low the next – seems they do that consistently.  She said that since it’s a regular pattern, it’s okay and she’d see me next week.  Fine with me.

Then I went to Longhorn to have dinner with the travel girls.  We had a nice dinner but I ate too much.  I ate too much lunch and too much supper.  That’s not good because I am too full now and I’d really rather not be.

Then I headed home.  I should have gone to Kroger but I just didn’t feel up to it.  I’ll go sometime tomorrow.  I have to visit my regular doctor and get cleared from having bronchitis before the surgery center will let me have surgery in 10 days.  I think I’m over the bronchitis though I am still coughing some but my cough is much better.  I guess they will know for sure tomorrow.  I want to get that surgery done!!

I have had diarrhea today, but not tooooo bad.  I have mostly felt pretty bad and I don’t really know why.  Maybe it’s from taking Motrin and not being able to take a nap.  Speaking of naps, I could have so easily fallen asleep about 7:00 tonight but I knew that would interfere with going to sleep in bed so I made sure I stayed awake.  I would have gone to bed at 7:00 but it was just too bright to do that.  Now it’s 8:17 and it’s about dark, so I’ll be taking my shower and getting to sleep very soon.

Morning weight – 220.2  Bet it will be higher tomorrow.  I expect if I lost some weight, my back would feel better!!!!  If my back isn’t better tomorrow, I’ll just rest a lot.  Hey, I’m seeing a doctor tomorrow – maybe she can help my back out a little!!  Hopefully.

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