Overworked day!

September 16, 2017 Saturday

I had trouble getting to sleep last night so it was late when I finally got to sleep.  I did wake up a little earlier today, 10:00.  It’s still later than I prefer though so I’ll try for earlier tomorrow.  I had a nice grilled ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast – I love those things.  I also had one for supper.


Sadly, I will run out of bread, ham and cheese tomorrow and I don’t plan to buy any more any time soon.  I sure will miss them.

I did some house cleaning today, nothing drastic, just some things that needed to be done.  I really need to start wrapping those Christmas presents soon because they are almost all here.  It’ll happen sometime soon, I’m sure.

Then, I went out and got my older truck, cranked it up and drove it around the neighborhood  just to kind of charge it up.  Then I drove it into the back yard to get those limbs that Irma knocked down as she went by.  There were a few more limbs than I was expecting but I managed to get them all up.


I emptied the truck at the edge of the front yard, knowing that the city will pick them up next Wednesday.  Then I swept the ants out of the truck bed and put the truck back up.  By then I was trembling and sweating and I don’t mean glistening in a nice way.  I was sweating.  I went inside and sat for a while in the cool house, but I continued to tremble and sweat for quite a while.  After some time, I stopped shaking but I continued to sweat for more than an hour – it was really pretty strange.  When you are bald, it seems that the sweat is more noticeable or something.  I hate wiping my head and my hand dripping with wetness!!

I fixed yesterday’s chicken breast after a long time of cooking and added rice.  It was yummy and the pepper I added was not overwhelming.  After lunch, I rested.  I was really, really tired from the limb work and I rested the rest of the afternoon – I had a nice long nap even and felt better then.  When it was almost dark, I decided to mow the back yard.  Everything went well until the mower ran out of gas!!  So, I went and got gas and finished mowing – it was hard to tell what needed mowing still since it was basically dark, but I think I got it all.  Then I was tired again!!!  I certainly did not do any more work this evening.  I never did any sewing or cutting at all today and I had planned to do some.  Maybe tomorrow.

So I felt pretty good when I got up, felt terrible after working in the yard, felt better after napping and then felt bad after mowing.  Overall, I just overdid it.  I did not do any walking at all today, except in the yard.  I did have diarrhea, as usual, but otherwise I did not really have any other side effects of the chemo.  Except for one little thing.  I haven’t mentioned it before,  but in the last couple of months I have had a few strange colored bruises on my arms.  I never bruise, generally.  I asked a nurse about it once when I was at the oncologist’s office and she said it might be from the chemo.  Today, I got another bruise on my arm and I expect it was from the work with the limbs, but I don’t remember any time when my arm was hit.  I guess I just bruise a little more easily with the chemo in my blood.


Morning weight – 218.4

Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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