A nice day with a big surprise!

July 26, 2017 Wednesday

Today was a nice, easy day.  I did some errands.  I made sure the insurance company has all the faxes needed from all three doctors and she said to call sometime next week to see if a decision has been made about my lump sum payment – sure hope it goes through like it should.

I also did some sewing. I started a new applique quilt and finished one small section of blocks.  I also made another block in a sew along that happens weekly.

garden               plates

Then I went to dinner with my travel buddies.  We are very seldom all eight in town at the same time but we managed it this evening.  I made sure I was early but when I walked in, they are all sitting there looking straight at me.  My first comment was “Am I late?”  and then I noticed they were all wearing a bow thingy on their heads!!  Did I mention that they are a little sneaky sometimes??


They even had another one for me – it was a pink Minnie Mouse one!!!  They are so cute!!  So naturally, I had to put them all on and the girls said it looked good.  I’m not so sure!!


Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep it on too long as it seemed very tight.  I think these may come in handy when the weather gets cooler.  The girls tell me I should just wear them now as a stylish addition to my wardrobe.  Gee, I’m wearing dangly earrings – what more could they want???  I really appreciated the thought and effort they made to get there early in order to surprise me.  Boy, was I surprised!!

Then we had a nice dinner and along came another surprise.  First I was given a very decorative Sonic bag and when I finally got past all the wrappings and hot dog container, I found a Sonic gift card!!

image3  image2 image7 image4

Then I was given more boxes and bags and ended up with quite a pile of wrapping paper.  Someone, not to mention any names Paula, had made this an exercise in unwrapping, and then unwrapping more, and then unwrapping even more, just to get to a small package at the end!!  So now, I have gift cards to Kroger, Amazon, Sonic, and John’s BBQ!!!  They also gave me a really pretty bag to put them all in!!  This whole surprise was a really thoughtful and helpful gift and I really do appreciate it.  Gee willikers!!

As far as how I felt today, I felt great except for the pain in my right ankle.  I think it may have been caused by all the exercise in the pool yesterday but I don’t know for sure.  I know I had lots of leg and foot cramps last night and I feel certain that was from all the exercise.  I did get up and eat some antiacid tablets (thanks for that hint, Renee) and eat some pickles and drank some pickle juice.  After that, the cramps were not nearly as bad but they were still there, in the background, kind of.

I did take my first two steroid tablets this morning and will take two more tonight.  I’ll repeat this for the next two days.  Ive had several hot flashes today and I know that’s from the steroids!  (I’m about to melt right now!) I expect my chemo treatment tomorrow will begin with an infusion of steroids and anti-nausea meds like it did for the first treatment.  The whole process should take about 2 1/2 hours and I do hope to sleep through a lot of it, if possible.  I  am going to try to stay up late tonight so that I will be more likely to sleep, but I’m really tired and may not be able to stay up late. We shall see.

By the way, my fortune cookie tonight said that I should enjoy my dessert tonight, so I went to Bruster’s and got a large waffle cone.  It was amazingly good.  Guess that was my sugar for about a month or so.


Morning weight – 214.2


Author: melaniesjourneythroughcancer

I am a retired teacher who was recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal breast cancer. I decided to write this blog to record the actions and emotions that occur as I make this journey through the cancer experience.

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